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California Alkaline Natural Mineral Water from Drink Water

California Alkaline Natural Mineral Water from Drink Water

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In our resealable, shiny eco bottle our California Natural Alkaline Mineral Spring Water is good for the having cooled or at room temp. Hydrating and refreshing, our good tasting water is full of natural minerals. 110 mg / L of Magnesium, 460 TDS, 8.8 pH. 24 pack case!


100% Recyclable Aluminum Can


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Planet Protection

Here at Drink Water one of our goals is to bottle and can the highest curated quality mountain water in the country - the other is to continually cut carbon output from bottled water, altogether. Who knew you could reduce your carbon output with water? Good for You.

No plastic bottles means no plastic waste! Please Recycle. We also plant trees. Good for the Planet.

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    Ordering from our one day's drive eco zones for delivery ensures fresh water from our mountain aquifer and a carbon output minimization via local transportation.